Milan Dvorak 
interpreter and translator    

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Milan Dvorák - foto - Ceský rozhlasInterpretation

I did interpretation for numerous international congresses, conferences, symposia and seminars in the Czech Republic, in other European countries and outside Europe. I did English-to-Russian and vice versa interpreting on many occasions for the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe, the International Agency for Atomic Energy, the United Nations Development Program and other United Nations agencies. My customers in the Czech Republic include the Office of the President of the Czech Republic, various ministries and other central agencies. I have been working regularly for the Senate of the Czech Republic in the recent years. I have been doing life simultaneous interpretation for Czechoslovak (now Czech) TV as well as the private Nova and Prima TV channels and interpreted broadcast speeches, press conferences and interviews of various celebrities starting with statesmen like presidents Bush or Putin and down to Formula 1 or MotoGP winners. I do not work as court interpreter.